ALPINE MARKETING provides our clients with more than thirty years of multi-platform marketing experience and success. Our specialty is providing strategic marketing solutions specifically targeted towards your diverse advertising objectives.

We consistently increase awareness of brand and grow market share through cost-effective critical mass exposure of your unique message.

Media Nob Pointing at Internet - About Alpine MarketingWe operate with very little overhead by design; this enables us to eliminate any “extraneous” client fees usually associated with the typical advertising agency business model. We combine the best of all traditional media options along with state-of-the-industry digital and social media marketing expertise. Regardless of the advertising medium, ALPINE MARKETING possesses the critical first-hand knowledge and experience necessary to facilitate your campaigns. We will also provide this expertise at much lower than “industry standard” price. Effective multi-platform marketing shouldn’t be expensive. On the contrary, if done the ALPINE MARKETING way, contemporary creative messaging combined with efficient reach of your target audience is available at a very reasonable cost.

Our clients benefit by getting far more exposure for their advertising investments than they could on their own, or working with a conventional advertising agency. Our thirty years of experience enables us to act on opportunities that most advertising agencies and media buyers are simply unaware of.

ALPINE MARKETING will get you more media exposure for your investment:

  • Low Overhead – You do not pay for offices, staffing, consulting, anything NOT associated with directly accomplishing your primary marketing objectives.
  • Purchasing Power – We place media with many different companies and markets. This enables us to maximize our buying power to deliver more efficient buys than those same companies could get on their own.
  • Leverage – Our long-term experience and relationships become your advantage.

What does this mean for your BUSINESS?media exposure for your investment

  • Better placement.
  • Better rates.
  • Better customer service from all media vendors.

Clientele Budgets:

Our current clients have annual budgets ranging from $155,000 to over $1,450,000.

Fees – Contracts:

Our fees are paid for by the media vendors not our clients. Your marketing investment is better served by reaching your target audience with effective messaging, not by the typical “nickel dime” charges associated with most advertising agencies.

NO contracts required. If at any time, ALPINE MARKETING is not exceeding our clients’ every requirement, then we will step down at your request. Our philosophy is that we are a true partnership, far beyond what any paper contract provides.

Market Experience:

Our primary markets are Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Montana and California. The mechanics of planning and buying effective media campaigns are very similar in all sizes of markets. It is not necessary to “outsource” an out of market agency. We have all the tools necessary to facilitate successful multi-platform, multi-market campaigns and have done so for years.

Tools at our disposal to establish media budget distribution & subsequent rational:

Nielsen Media

Two People Working a Camera for Production - Alpine Marketing



Arbitron Research

Scarborough Research


TAB Ratings (Out of Home)

Strata Marketing

Wide Orbit


Nick Smit

V.P. / General Manager

Gresham Subaru


Amanda Grolemund

Chief Marketing / Retail Officer

Central Willamette Credit Union


Lynn Heider

V.P. / Public Communications

NW Credit Union Association


ALPINE MARKETING operates with a passion for providing creative and dynamic marketing solutions to our clients. All the while, forging lasting relationships built on mutual success.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.


Tim Graham

Founder / President